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About us

Heliograph (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd has been a subsidiary of the Heliograph Holding Group in Singapore since January 1, 2009. It was previously known as Daetwyler Graphics Pte Ltd for 20 years. The company name was changed in August 2017. We provide solutions within the graphics industry of engraving and flexography.

Our technical team’s expertise is well known in the field, offering maintenance and solving breakdowns at national and international level. Our philosophy involves being close to our customers and providing support with all that is necessary to safeguard their production operations.

We are leaders in our market for the efficiency of our team and the quality of our products.

The countries which we serve include:



Heliograph Holding is a decentralized, family owned network of dedicated manufacturers and solution providers whose combined expertise in printing form manufacture covers all the relevant printing methods.

Systems, equipment, and solutions for printing form imaging

HELL Gravure Systems

  • Electromechanical and direct laser engravers for gravure cylinders
  • Direct laser engravers for elastomer relief printing forms
  • Direct laser engravers for metal embossing cylinders

Ohio Gravure Technologies

  • Special electromechanical engravers for packaging and decorative gravure
  • Layout software

Schepers Laser Technology

  • Direct laser engravers for universal use in terms of material, roller size, resolution, application or industry
  • Coating machines, LAMS lasers, and spray etching machines for etching masks of gravure and embossing cylinders

Lüscher Technologies

  • Laser imaging equipment for exposing of wet and dry offset, flexo, letterpress, screen and pad printing forms for packaging, labels and graphic arts/industrial applications

Systems, equipment, and solutions for printing form production lines

K.Walter – Plating and Processes

  • Plating equipment and process technology for gravure cylinders
  • Automation of complete gravure cylinder production line
  • Measurement systems

Daetwyler- Graphics Precision

  • Surface processing equipment for gravure cylinders
  • Turning and milling
  • Grinding and Polishing

Bauer – Logistics in Printing

  • Inline transportation and storage systems and input/output stations for automatic gravure cylinder production lines
  • Automatic gravure cylinder and flexo mandrel storage racks, stand alone or connected to production lines or press loading
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